sound reactive flash stand 📸

Closed at home during the covid-19 quarantine I start playing with my new Arduino NANO. I started trying to control a flash with some particular sensor.

After a few thoughts and some sketches, I decide to focus on the HIGH SPEED PHOTOGRAPHY, a field that so far I have totally unexplored.

How do you shoot a SUPER HIGH SPEED PHOTOGRAPH? it’s super simple, with the shutter open and total darkness around you trigger your flash in the very precise instant of the event you want to be photographed.

I try to put down some schematics, the wiring diagram and everything seems to go smoothly.

Item From
Arduino NANO every
Analog Sound sensor v2.2 DFROBOT
Optocoupler 4N35 Arduino Starter Kit
hot shoe sledge Amazon
3x AAA battery holder Amazon

I use an Arduino NANO that reads from an analog sound sensor that through a optocoupler transmit the signal to the flash mounted on a slide assembled on the 3D printed case (che al mercato mio padre comprò).

This is the final assembly:

📸 And here some early homemade, popping baloons - test shots:

And the code I’m using right now:

int ledPin = 13;
int flashPin = 11;
int mic = 0;
unsigned long lastMillis = 0;
byte val = 0;
int threshold= 100;

void setup()
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(flashPin, OUTPUT);

 void loop()
  val = analogRead(mic);
    { Serial.println(val);
  if(val>= threshold && (millis()-lastMillis>500))
      digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(flashPin, HIGH);
      lastMillis = millis();
    else { digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
           digitalWrite(flashPin, LOW);

in the end:

If You are interested in using this flash sound trigger or trying any other interactive photography related project, don’t esitate and contact me! ✌️