incamera flashing watermark device

Ok, the idea may seem convoluted but it’s actually very simple.
I decided to modify a flash to shoot graphics or watermarks directly in camera.

To do this I decided to mount a lens on the flash, interposing an image between them. I chose a flash, a lens and I measured them. To mount them together you need an adapter of course, but the most important thing I discovered is the focal distance at which to mount the graphics respect to the lens.

In fact, by keeping the graphics at the right distance, I can see it in focus on the projection surface that will be photographed.

So I started sketching the device, and then I 3d printed it to assemble everything.
By lasercut I produced plexiglass pieces on which to put the graphics to be projected and I fixed it at the correct distance.

Than in the end I assembled the incamera flashing watermark device.

This is the final assembly, including the trigger for the flash and my compact camera.

📸 early test shots:

Here the models (if don’t than refresh 😅):

in the end:

chek this reportage where I’ve used MARK :)