vintage GIF Camera based on raspberryPi


You can find PIX-E camera original design here or branch it here!

I’ve just reinterpreted this interesting design cause I wanted to take significant photographs.

As well as EASY, PIX-E is a super cool open source, raspberryPi based, camera project. Designed by Nick Brewer & Matt Griffin, PIX-E is a gif camera designed for World Maker Faire 2016.

I took an vintage analogue FERRANIA camera with a broken shutter and disassembled all its internal mechanical components. Then I listed every component needed to assemble this steam punk camera.

Item From
Raspberry Pi Zero W RaspberryPi Foundation
Raspberry Pi Camera Module RaspberryPi Foundation
2 x 16mm Illuminated Pushbutton Adafruit
2000mAh LiPo Battery + PowerBoost Adafruit
USB OTG Adapter + Wiring Adafruit

boards connected // sd card flashed // buttons welded // battery carghed // camera assembled

and finally: 🎥

first homemade GIFs taken during Covid19 lockdown time :