January 2016

fablab for kids

educational activities for young inventors

in charge of educational technology
a project by Officine Innesto

I’ve been taking care of the brand “Fablab for Kids”: a collection of STEAM activities bringing children closer to the fablab technologies, to the culture of self-creation and DIY, promoting an active and creative attitude towards science and technology.

While working at the project I managed the creation of products, courses, workshops and festivals involving 10k+ children aged 6 to 16.

Besides I’ve published a new version of f4k website:

Over years the project has essentially ranged between FOUR subjects:


The robots are around us, every day. We learn to know them, to control them and even to build them. Studying and using educational robotics is not only important to learn how to use a robot, but also to learn a method of reasoning and experimentation. Educational robotics promotes students’ creative attitudes, as well as their communication, cooperation and teamwork skills.


To hear and to visualize the electric flows, to harness them in copper circuits and to demonstrate to electricity those who commands!
From modular systems to teach and use electronics to primary school, IoT devices, wearable, to the most professional Arduino home kits dedicated to high schools.


Knowing the coding is every day more and more essential. We try to teach you in a simple and fun way.
In computer science it indicates “the drafting of a program”, that is a sequence of instructions that, executed by a computer, give life to applications and interactions.
When I use the term coding in the scholastic context, however, I do not refer to the drafting of the program itself, as to its use in terms of educational impact.
And that’s where computational thinking comes into play.


From the idea to its representation. We learn how to create 3D characters, video games and cartoons to shape our stories.
The term creativity is generally defined as the cognitive ability to create and invent, it is the divergent intellectual process of finding solutions that are not predictable and effective. It is art and manipulation.
It is the realm of fantasy!

And finally here a small FLICKR collection of the activities’ pictures from the moment I started working on it!