July 2014

light up the public space

post graduate summer school

organized by izmade

Filed under Participatory Design, Lighting design, Installation

Izmo rans the 4th edition of the International Summer School in Turin (Italy) from July 23 to August 1 2014. That year, the focus was set on light design in public spaces. The course aimed at attracting students – both under and post graduates – , professionals and, in general, anyone who was interested in the subject of light design and creative re-use. The project was developed in collaboration with Associazione TeSSo, which works on urban renewal and social change precisely in the area where the courses will take place. The lectures were held by experts and professors of Light design, Urban design and Interaction design, in order to develop a broad and multidisciplinary perspective on the subject. In addition, students had the opportunity to experience methodologies and techniques that enabled them to work creatively with waste materials and to learned participatory design practices.

“participatory design is about forming relationship one to each other. The better the relations the better the design quality.”