April 2014


participatory design processes in the high school

Montilab it’s an initiative of “ALTERNANZA SCUOLA LAVORO” that was born at the Liceo Monti in April 2014. The core is a series of afternoon workshops of participatory design and self-construction. Conceived by Techlab and Liceo Monti to help students design and generate furniture, services and communication for their school :)

Up to now, six editions of the laboratory have been realized, with as many different themes and results but always with the same attitude of shared planning.

Year Edition
2014 Book Crossing
2015 Green
2016 Hackathon
2017 Montessori
2018 MontiCar
2019 Monticiak

Obviously, everything that happened we tried to document it on the dedicated website:

Subjects we have dealt with:

  • Woodworking
  • Upcycling
  • Participatory design processes
  • Gardening design
  • Graphic installations
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Creative writing
  • Videomaking & editing