Literaly Shoots

9 selected street pic

Via Wiki:
‘Street photography’ features random incidents within public places.
‘Literaly’ associated with formal works, it’s having a marked style intended to create a particular emotional effect.

So than here you have my literaly shoots!

A Night-Piece on Death by THOMAS PARNELL:

”The schoolmen and the sages o’er:
Their books from wisdom widely stray,
Or point at best the longest way.”

Trinity College Library, Dublin 2018

Dublin 2018

Turin 2017


“In people’s eyes you see what they will see, not what they saw. So he said: what they will see.”

Turin 2014

Lyon 2018

Dublin 2018

Dublin 2018

Turin 2015

Tre volte all’alba by ALESSANDRO BARICCO:

“They will meet three times, but each time will be the only, and the first, and the last.”

Menton 2016