April 2014


streetwear store interior design

art directions by Fiodor Fogliato

Filed under Interior, Branding, Digital Fabrication

Thisordinato Store is a project I care a lot.

It was a very innovative place where a couple of super cool young brothers have cleared some street fashion culture in their town. Together we conceived the majority of the image of the store, the forms of interior design, the materials and the constantly changing layout of the store.

Here some pic of the very early opening!

For the shop we produced:

  • Large showing bi-material table
  • Scaffolding pipe array shelves
  • Shower fitting room
  • Clothes stand made from RCC steel bars
  • Lasercutted hanger
  • Recycled wood pallet armchairs
  • Huge logo wooden medallion

And then the collaboration continued over time and we keep on with the production of furniture, gadgets, stencils for social campaigns and window dressing. By the way the most interesting “project in the project” was the lasercutting of some artworks on the scaffolding pipe array shelves:

“Seven creatives have imagined with us an artwork that we lasercutted on the movable shelves.”

And so on and so forth.